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From Concrete Jungle to Southern Reign: Tracing the Demise of NY Hip Hop and the Southern Domination in Rap

For more than 20+ years Atlanta and the South have commanded the rap game however even now several refuse to acknowledge this undeniable reality. It is vital to recall that in the 00s men and women dismissed “ringtone rap” and held onto the belief that each mixtape rapper from NYC (such as Papoose Saigon Troy Ave and so on.) would resurrect New York’s prominence proving that the South wasn’t the epitome of “actual hip hop.”
The South’s dominion stretched from around 2003 to the present day although New York had its prime from 1973 to 1991 and knowledgeable a resurgence from 1997 to 2002. The West Coast had its heyday from 1992 to 1996.
The decline of New York Hip Hop can be attributed in element to Hot 97 and other radio stations that failed to assistance nearby artists. Nas for instance was deprived of airtime which led to his disputes with these stations.
The era of Puff and Negative Boy additional contributed to the decline. Their emphasis on opulence along with the behind-the-scenes blackballing of fellow New York artists opened the door for Southern artists. This beef weakened each the East and West Coasts. Andre 3000 emerged as a lyrical MC who could not be questioned meeting all expectations. Meanwhile Hot 97 with figures like EBRO—a Californian—began strategically programming additional Southern and West Coast Hip Hop progressively dismantling New York’s position.
The Fall of New York Hip Hop gained momentum when Jay Z took charge at Def Jam. As an alternative of advertising established veterans from NY/NJ like Strategy Man LL Cool J Redman and DMX Jay Z sought fresh talent especially from the South such as Jeezy and T.I. He had the chance to assistance hometown heroes but chose otherwise.”

NY radio stations stopped championing nearby artists and New York artists began imitating sounds slang and cultures from other regions. For instance working with phrases like “fuck 12” to refer to the police—a term originating from Atlanta slang—became typical in NYC. Previously New York set the trends that other regions followed but now it feels as even though the roles have reversed. Record labels also started pushing artists from the South and other locations advertising easier lyrics although New York artists thrived on lyricism and exceptional style.
The downfall of NYC Hip Hop escalated when artists from New York began adopting Southern designs. The South enjoyed a prolonged dominance that is at present waning but remains undeniable. On top of that the existing NY Drill scene originated in London with London producers bringing the sound to Brooklyn. Regrettably New York lost its distinct identity and failed to recognize its personal history. Internal conflicts and a lack of genuine programming additional hindered NYC’s rap scene. Rather than embracing their authenticity artists in NYC now strive to be somebody or one thing else.
Jay-Z played a part in the decline as effectively. In “Each day a Star Is Born” he had the chance to contact out a NYC rapper although collaborating with Jay Cole but alternatively he declared that if Lil Wayne continued his path he would pass him the torch. Money Income artists which includes Wayne had been entertaining but their style was observed as gimmicky reminiscent of Eminem. One more aspect that broken NY Hip Hop was the decline of its nightlife. Venues started shifting costs onto the audience eroding the vibrant club scene and pushing artists to develop their personal audiences or carry out at precise venues.
Whilst NYC artists had been battling amongst themselves Southern rappers demonstrated unity and collaborated to accomplish achievement. The South had the music and it was only a matter of time ahead of their influence expanded. Sadly NYC lacks a unified front and normally fails to assistance other folks.
New York’s decline intensified when 50 Cent engaged in beef with all of NYC adopting a sound influenced by the South beneath Dr. Dre’s guidance. He divided the city and clashed with its best artists with the drama overshadowing the music itself. NY rappers spent the early 2000s and 2010s attempting to outshine each and every other although the South dominated with their mastery of crafting catchy and memorable songs. Jay Z managed to sustain achievement through this period for the reason that he excelled in each lyrical prowess and hook creation. Early adopters like MIMS and Dipset understood the shift and French Montana Bobby Shmurda ASAP Ferg and several other folks followed suit. Southern production and simplistic hooks became the allure and sooner or later the business normal.
If we examine the period prior to the so-referred to as “South takeover” all of New York’s most significant hits had been club records. Each and every anthem was created for the club scene. About 2004/2005 the South started churning out club music at an impressive price although New York wasn’t making equivalent tracks. Consequently when New York did release club-oriented music it was normally misperceived as Southern. Examples incorporate MIMS’ “This Is Why I am Hot” 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop” and Fat Joe’s “Lean Back.”
New York’s decline can be attributed to the absence of an influential era. The likes of Max B Chinx Stacks Juelz Uncle Murda Maino Shea Davis Banks Papoose J Hood French JR Writer Mims Saigon and Vado had been anticipated to elevate NY Hip Hop to new heights. Sadly due to different unfortunate situations this did not materialize. This lost generation of NY rap was waiting for figures like Jay Z 50 Cent and Puff to uplift them but they became entangled in radio politics due to relationships and affiliations with specific DJs. Quite a few of them perceived the increasing younger artists as competitors rather than prospective collaborators in the limelight. On top of that several artists from NY through the transitional period struggled to adapt to the new sound and relied heavily on radio assistance.
But I want to know what you feel. What are your thoughts on the fall and decline of NY Hip Hop which led to the rise of the South getting a stronghold on the rap game?
TLDR The New York infighting/beefs egos and not respecting the talent of the south back then as effectively as the South bringing new artists style designs and beats to the mainstream although New York stopped innovating and lost their wave when the business filtered and diluted their certain sound all led to the decline and fall of New York Hip Hop and the takeover of the South in the rap game.

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